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MRA Forensic Sciences

Our professional team specializes in the area of forensic science that focuses on traffic accidents and involves analyzing physical evidence to reconstruct the events leading up to an accident.


Accident reconstruction experts use data such as vehicle damage, skid marks, and witness statements to determine factors such as vehicle speed and point of impact, which can be used to establish liability and provide valuable information for legal proceedings and insurance claims.


The ultimate goal of accident reconstruction is to provide a clear understanding of how and why the accident occurred, with the most accurate and reliable information.


Forensic Engineering

Forensic engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to investigate and analyze accidents, failures, and other incidents... Read More

Insurance Investigation

Forensic science plays a critical role in insurance investigation by providing objective and scientific evidence that is essential for determining the validity of insurance claims... Read More

Litigation Consulting

Litigation consulting involves analyzing the available evidence and providing expert opinions on matters such as liability, causation, and damages... Read More

Safety Engineering

We use a combination of engineering principles, physics, and computer modeling to analyze potential hazards and develop safety measures to mitigate them... Read More

Client Services

Accident Investigation

Passenger and Heavy Vehicles, Site Surveys, Liability, Industrial

Testing and Instrumentation

Custom Instrumentation Systems, Engine Scanners

Failure Analysis

Automotive, Electrical Systems and Appliances, Mechanisms, Structures

Accident Reconstruction

Collision Analysis, Crash Testing, Crash downloads from airbag systems, Visibility Studies, 3D Animation, Photogrammetry


Occupant Kinematics and Dynamics, Injury Causation Analysis

Ergonomics and Human Factors

Workplace Injury Analysis, Visibility, Perception/Reaction

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